Puerto Rico & The Caribbean

Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Transaver has specialized in shipping to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands for decades. We have developed long-term relationships with solid air and ocean providers to bring you flexible solutions while reducing total costs.


  • Air services including next day, 2nd day; 3rd and 5th day service.
  • Ocean service sailing from Elizabeth, NJ; Jacksonville, FL and Miami, FL.
  • Bill of lading ports of Los Angeles, CA; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Elizabeth, NJ; Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL and Miami, FL.
  • Flexibility to route your freight to any port to meet required sail dates.
  • Two sailings per week from Jacksonville, FL and Miami, FL.
  • Guaranteed Sailing service available for an additional charge.
  • Single invoice with itemized charges.
  • Expedited and Guaranteed Service options available.
  • Service to from all points in North America to and from all points in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.
  • Our professional logistics coordinators are available 24/7 to track shipments as well as quote rates and services options.

Available Services

Pickup to delivery
Pickup to destination port (no delivery)
Origin port to consignee door (no pickup)
Ocean service only (no pickup or delivery)

Rating & Billing

Flexible billing choices:

  • Prepaid to destination
  • Collect to destination
  • Prepaid to port and collect beyond


** Only if value of any single commodity is $2500 US or more. For shipments with a commodity value less than $2500 US, no SED is required.