Transportation Assessments

Transaver charts a course for your logistics

Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency

Before you can plan where you are going, you must first understand where you are.

Transaver will establish a comprehensive baseline and then benchmark against others to develop a roadmap for improvement.

Achieve transportation savings and increase efficiencies throughout your supply chain through Transaver’s assessment process.

Transaver’s transportation assessments are an in-depth analysis of your small package, LTL, truckload or international portfolio.

Transaver’s approach is data-driven. Our data management system has the capacity to import and integrate data from various sources and formats to create a cohesive transportation database. The data is methodically examined through a series of reporting strategies to drill down to the opportunities available.

Assessment Phases

  • Create accurate/current comprehensive database
  • Optimize management of current operations
  • Propose policy and/or strategy changes

All facets of your transportation operations are examined including mode, price and procedures.

  • Transportation baseline established
  • Shipment profile illustrated
  • Current carriers internal rate optimization analyzed
    • mode management
    • routing compliance to your current plan
  • Market Analysis
    • various comparison scenarios between your current carrier profile and the market
  • Cost reduction opportunities identified
    • conservative, moderate and aggressive carrier realignment
    • mode shifts
    • carrier compliance
    • inbound routing control
  • Savings opportunities quantified and potential sourcing strategies discussed