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Transaver provides an unmatched competitive advantage by engineering strategic and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services successfully navigates the constantly evolving decision-making process surrounding purchased transportation and logistics.

  • Cost-Effective Supply Chain Solutions

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  • Integrated Logistics Management

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  • Strategic Transportation Sourcing

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  • Mode Management & Brokerage

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  • Global Services

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Featured Solutions

  • Integrated Logistics

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    We're not yankin' your supply chain.

    We are a pioneer in Integrated Logistics Management (ILM), managing over $400 million of small-package, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, air, expedite and ocean transportation. Our ILM services include the daily management of your transportation function and monthly reporting of achieved savings.

  • Strategic Transportation Sourcing

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    May the source be with you.

    Our web-based sourcing technology increases savings and supply chain efficiencies and improves performance. The strategic transportation sourcing process enables a deeper understanding of supplier economics resulting in the creation of strong strategic supplier relationships.

  • Mode Management & Brokerage

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    It's who you know ... and what they know.

    We leverage our relationship with asset-based providers across all modes to provide capacity when specfic needs arise. Regardless of your shipment requirements, call us with the confidence that a solution will be found.

  • Global Services


    We go to the ends of the earth for you.

    Our cross-border solutions for Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and beyond take the hassle out of getting your products where they need to be. We move freight, of any size or weight, to and from practically any point worldwide.

But we've only scratched the surface.

Our approach is to visualize, analyze and work with you to create a customized, fluid solution.

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